UTG: Hey Tommy, how’s it going today?

BTBAM: Good.

UTG: Well, it’s been out there for a minute now, but sites just started breaking the news of your new record today. Care to fill us in?

BTBAM: Basically, we got done tracking at the end of last week. We’re mixing right now. It’s the most comfortable and smooth sailing record we’ve made thus far. Nothing went wrong and that NEVER happens. We’re at the same studio we did most our records. It’s cool

UTG: Interesting title choice [The Great Misdirect]. Any story or theme involving it on this record?

BTBAM: It’s actually..the first song is where we get the title. “The Great Misdirect” is a reference to our brains. It’s just that…it’s something we’ll never figure out. We’ll always try to figure out but can’t and won’t. I’ve been really obsessed with codes and how things affect the brain. I tend to be a nerd about things and when i get my nerdy side going, I apparently write a lot of songs.

UTG: I noticed the track list only includes 6 songs? Are we too expect 6 epically long tracks?

BTBAM: They are. One is actually 5 and a half minutes, but that’s the shortest. We didn’t stray from long songs, but we didn’t plan it that way. We wrote and the ideas just grew and grew. One song is 20 minutes long on this record, but it’s not a lot of filler, it’s a lot of music. I feel this record has more dynamics than we’ve ever had, but that’s a good thing. haha

UTG: When you get this far into your career as a band in your genre, where everything is bigger and crazier, where do you go next? I mean a lot of people wondered if you could top Alaska and you gave us Colors. So how does this record go above and beyond that? Or, does it not? Did you simplify?

BTBAM: A big thing for us is that when we write, we don’t plan what we do. We don’t try to beat the last record, but creeate the best record in general. I would consider this our darkest record to date. The mellower stuff is more thought out. I think as we grow we become better musicians and it works to better the records. Personally, I like it better than Colors, but that may just be me. This isn’t Colors part 2 and we wanted to make sure of that. We’re a hard band to describe how our records or music sounds. I can promise it’s badass.

UTG: Well, now you’ve got me and I’m sure our readers excited about the release. When will we get our first taste of the new music?

BTBAM: I don’t know, it’s up to Victory. Mixing should be done in the next few weeks. We’re working on how to do it since there are only 6 songs, but I’m anxious to get people’s thoughts.

UTG: Awesome! Well, do you happen to have any fall tour plans you can unveil to us at this moment?

BTBAM: We’re doing a Canadian tour in September with In Flames. Then In Flames, The Faceless, and 3 in. Of Blood in the US. We’re going to tour nonstop and travel the world. We’re ready to tour again since we’ve been working on this record since January. We’re anxious.

UTG: Something our staff have discussed recently is that you’re a band that we often hear referred to as “heavy stoner rock.” How do you feel about that sentiment?

BTBAM: I wouldn’t consider us stoner rock since we’re so fast, but we def. have stoner rock parts. I don’t do drugs, but I hear our music is great on drugs. I’m a fan of stoner rock since I”m from the South. I back this claim. haha

UTG: Well, I don’t want to keep you all day, but do you have any closing statements?

BTBAM: Go buy a glass bottle of Cheer Wine and drink it cold. It’s a delicious soda from North Carolina and I’m obsesses with it, but get in a glass bottle so there’s real sugar.

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