iTunes trying to get more customers to buy full-length albums

Wow — I am back. After a four-day birthday weekend, I am back with some more interesting news from the music industry. I am excited to report that we may be seeing a dip in prices for full-length albums on iTunes. How awesome would it be to pay less than $9.99 for an album? Check out the full article and decide for yourself.

Apple and the four major record labels are reportedly in talks to figure out ways to entice more consumers to purchase full-length albums, the variable pricing, which raised the cost of hit singles while lowering that of catalog albums. Reps from the four major labels declined to comment on “Cocktail.”

courtesy of Rolling Stone

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One Response to “iTunes trying to get more customers to buy full-length albums”

  1. tyler h says:

    you mean they are thinking about possibly doing what amazon has already been doing? brilliant! its like when myspace started doing status updates to try to keep up with facebook and failed miserably. by miserably, of course i mean they are the 5th most viewed site in the world instead of the 3rd.