Free Sampler from Christian Music Zine!

Our good friend[s] at Christian Music Zine have posted their brand new, Christian Punk Rock sampler: Punk Rock Live Vol. 1 for free download. While you wait on our new release, why not check this one out? It’s pretty amazing!

Track list:
1. Blood & Water – Ahead of Myself

2. News From Verona – Here We Are

3. uniSEF – This Means War

4. Goodnight Wednesday – The Ballad

5. Static Crown – Reality

6. Far From Famous – What We’ve Become

7. May Weather – Don’t Cry

8. Nineball – All About the Money

9. Blank Pages – Come What May

1o. Auburn – Hallelujah

11. A.A.2.R. – Big Man

12. Pleading The Fifth – Flare

13. Negative Zero – Not Quite Over You

14. Atombender – Silent (B-side)

Download Here

Download B-side here (track came in late)

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One Response to “Free Sampler from Christian Music Zine!”

  1. tyler h says:

    thanks for the link, i hope everyone is digging it