Cooking with Ico Episode 2!

Hungry? Well, good news, Ico (guitarist of IDOLS ARE DEAD) is back in the kitchen with our buddies in Under The Gun Review, and exclusively we bring you episode 2 of “Cookin With Ico”. Now I know you all ate up that authentic Italian Speghetti Alla Carbonara. Now it’s time for some Risotto Alla Milanese. As your stomach continues to water, make sure to bump some IDOLS ARE DEAD ( while you go grab your pots and pans. Chef Ico is back in the house.



-Rice: 350gr (12,35Oz)

-Butter and/or Oil



-Stock-cube (vegetal): 1,5 ltrs (50,72 Fl. Oz.)

-Grated Parmigiano Reggiano/Grana Padano

Cooking Instructions:

1. Chop a small onion (not too much! You don’t have to taste it in the finished dish) and brown it in the butter (I usually use oil. NOTICE: the pot has to contain also the rice and the stock, so use one enough capacious)

2. When the onion starts to take colour, put the rice in the pot with the onion.

Mix the rice and let the grains absorb, when the rice is lucid and lightly toasted wet it with a boiling ladle of the stock cube (already salted) that is boiling on a near stove.

3. Put in a pinch of Saffron, (not too much, very spicy!!)

4. Keep on mixing and adding stock while the rice absorb it (1 Ladle at a time). The rice will be cooked in 17-18 mins (taste it to be sure). Just before it’ll be ready put a knob of butter and some grated Parmigiano Reggiano to whisk all.

5. Take off the rice (it should be yellow, cause of the saffron), as usual spread some Parmigiano Reggiano on the dish.  Now enjoy your wonderful Risotto Alla Milanese!!

Questions for the cook? Questions for the guitarist? Reach out, and any authentic Italian recipes you’d like to see, post a comment!


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