You Need To Know: Over Stars and Gutters

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overstarsandguttersWho: Over Stars and Gutters
Norman, Oklahoma
Rock with Punk roots
For Fans of:
Dear Landlord, Cobra Skulls, Teenage Bottlerocket
Currently Playing: Consider This Your Curse
LISTEN: “I’d Rather Be Dead”

[audio: 07 I\’d Rather Be Dead.mp3]

Having just signed with Black Numbers, Oklahoma’s Over Stars and Gutters seem destined to be “the little band that could.” Now, I will admit that upon first hearing of the group I was less than in a hurry to check them out. Given the dozens of small band coverage requests we receive,  a lot of the UTG staff are “over” the excitement of checking out new acts because, in reality, most just don’t have what it takes. However, on a late night whim, I decided to check out this act and by the time the song “I’d Rather Be Dead” ended, I was sold.

Now I know the underground modern punk scene has been in a bit of an uproar over the past few years. Underground heavyweights Against Me! broke through with Searching For A Former Clarity and in doing so brought bands like Cobra Skulls and Teenage Bottlerocket a whole new following of fans which of course caused the “die hards” to get upset about their scene being infiltrated. However, now that AM! have become a bit more rock driven, the modern punk scene needs new poster boys to carry the thriving landscape of underground talent to the masses and I think Over Stars and Gutters just might be that group.

As winter sets in, it can be hard for some to connect with the sweat drenched passion that fills the tiny venues bands of this caliber play in, but I think listening to any track off of Consider This Your Curse will stoke any music fan’s passion for loud, intelligent punk to a full-on inferno.


-James Shotwell

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