Thirty Seconds to Mars release “Faces Of Mars” video

Thirty Seconds to Mars set out to do something that had yet to be done when it came to releasing their latest album, This Is War. Jared Leto and fellow band mates asked their fans to send in pictures of themselves for a chance to be displayed on the cover of their new album. The forward thinking of Thirty Seconds to Mars has enticed fans to purchase the album not as another CD, but as a collectors item. Fans have been swapping the new Thirty Seconds to Mars album ‘This Is War’ the way peopled used to trade beanie babies or sports trading cards. Jared Leto told Spinner Magazine, “I heard that one was selling on eBay for $2500 or has already sold.”

The experiment has been so successful that the band is hoping to continue it on the next pressing of the album. If it does happen, Leto believes the next round will be even better.” Now people understand what it is and how it’s just been in good fun and good spirit,” he says. “So I think next time will be an even wider group.”

Check out the ‘Faces of Mars’ video HERE and pick out which album cover you want.

Faces of Mars:

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