Austin Carlile Fired from Of Mice & Men?

Rumors have been circling the internet over the last two days that Of Mice & Men frontman Austin Carlile has been kicked out of the group. While we’ve researched this quite a bit, no official statement has been given.


In the world of the internet, there’s always drama to be found. Jaxin [from Of Mice & Men] has a girlfriend who, when prompted with the question of Carlile and Of Mice & Men, replied:


No he is not. It got to the point where the band, management, and even the record label wanted nothing to do with him anymore.

I wish the whole world could know what kind of person Austin really is. I know it frustrates all the guys in OM&M to have to lie to kids each night, passing on their prayers and best wishes to Austin for his surgery and pretending everything is going to be ok.

But honestly, nobody even knows whats true and whats not anymore.

Nobody trusts him, nobody likes him, no one is willing to deal with his egotistical, maniacal self centeredness and narcissism.

He is horribly racist, sexist, ignorant and proud of it.
He constantly cheated on his “wife” for the longest time and she even said to me that she knew he still cheated on her and that he would continue to do so in the future.
Even his wife doesn’t trust him?
That’s real love……not.

The last straw was him driving completely wasted, 2 hours to the OM&M show in Sacramento, CA only to stumble on stage and completely humiliate the band infront of fans, management, friends and tourmates before, even more drunk than before, driving the 2 hours back to his home.

Great Christian that he is.

There are COUNTLESS other stories I could tell you, but all you really need to think about is the fact that the guy has been kicked out of, not one, but TWO bands!

I can honestly say that Jaxin is a nice person. He tries to live his life being a positive role model and legitimately good guy. And for him to say “Austin Carlile is by far the WORST person I have EVER met. I don’t ever want to have anything to do with him ever again” breaks my heart more than anything. Because that really means something.

He is a terrible person and does not deserve the love and support that so many people give him, because if you knew who he really was, you wouldn’t want anything to do with him.

How much of an asshole do you have to be to kicked out of two bands as quickly as he did?
I guess at least he’s good at something.

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34 Responses to “Austin Carlile Fired from Of Mice & Men?”

  1. kevin says:


  2. Ryan says:

    Austin owns..that band is no were without him..i doubt thats true because ive met austin..outside of a concert..he got me in..i got to go backstage..he even gave me his you can all fuck off hes the greatest guy ive met..maybe hes changed..but if he has..his voice hasent and thats what reaches everyone..

  3. Chris says:

    Lots of bands act differently towards their fans. Just because he was nice to you doesn’t mean all of this is a lie

  4. Person says:

    It’s very easy to put on a front when you want your fans to stick around and keep putting money towards your paycheck.

    Honestly just by reading his facebook statuses, twitter updates, etc I actually believe what is said here.

  5. johnny f. ;) says:

    dont assume anything unless you know austin as a person. he puts on a show for his fan and thats al he cares about. he cares nothing for whom the people he works with and as bad as it may seem it is hard to expect more from him. he is the most selfish person you will never meet in your life if you got to now him. if you think he is a good person then you obviously do not know him at all! i have 4 other guys to say the same exact thing because they know him just as well as i do. we worked with him for about 3 years… not a fun thing… he slept with a former band member’s girlfriend and was immediately out of our band. as for of mice and men idk anything about that but im sure he hasnt changed since he has been in our band. i am a good friend of jaxin hall i will be eager to talk to him about this subject. soon the truth will be arose and all will see the real austin carlile…

    johnny franck of attackattack!

  6. noah z says:

    austin is probably one of the sickest screamers in the business today, of mice & men is gonna be sorry when they lose most of their fans.

  7. Adam says:

    Jonny Franck’s opinion!

  8. butt butt says:

    another good one…thanks

  9. sam says:

    i don’t know about what Jaxin’s girlfriend said but i think Johnny knows what’s up with Austin more than anyone

  10. Dalty says:

    If you don’t know someone on a personal level and just assume by meeting them at a show or talking to them that their “badass” or “a good person” then you have no clue. Its pretty shitty that people idolize one person in a band or in this case two bands and say that he made them when hes really nothing but a voice. Its apparent that theres some logic behind what has been said because both AA! and Jaxins gf said pretty much the same exact thing. Its time that people move on and start respecting AA! and OM&M for their music and stop recognizing them for one lowsy person. Its clear something must be up for him to get kicked out of two bands. I mean its him against two bands and one must wonder is it Austin who’s doing something wrong or everyone else in the bands hes been in? Come on people be real.

  11. Person says:

    Austin is douche bag. He always has been one and he always will be one. Just ask anyone from Columbus, Ohio. People that really know him. All his fans need to realize this and realize bands will do fine without him. Probably better.

  12. n8 says:

    It is too bad that Austin is so destructive. He has soo much potential to start something great yet his lack of self control seems to be the defining factor. Great vocalist yet has done nothing but burn bridges at every turn. I wish him the best and hope that the juvenile antics will stop soon for he has little going for him now.

    With that said i wish OM&M luck for they have the daunting task of replacing one of the most amazing vocalists out there and it will not be easy.

  13. sarah says:

    he didnt get kicked out of OM&M. hes having heart problems and it cant keep up with screaming anymore. i know him in person. at their recent show the former sky eats airplane singer was filling in.

  14. Hahaa, personally i thought the Ex lead singer of Sky Eats Airplane made OM&M sound better than ever! i’m all for him filling in the spot as frontman! he’s got great vocals, and really knows how to play with the crowd.

  15. dexter says:

    Austin carlile is the best screamer in the business. but who wants to work with a douchebag? Of Mice & Men doesnt revolve around him. Theyll find a new screamer who will keep fans in love with OM&M =)

  16. BobbyH says:

    I have known Austin for around 3 years being in local bands in his area we crossed paths and had good times. He Always has been prude and unforgiving i am having a hard time trying to figure out what he must do for Rise to just drop him. …… then again he is a good vocalist… there sits the issue glade its not my call.

  17. Fermand says:

    he is just a douchbag.. such good bands AA and OM&M! I cant stop listening to Someday came suddenly and I honestly thought Carlile was what made AA but now I know the truth… Im really happy I got out of my way to figure out the truth about this I was about to not buy next AA Cd… I would be such an idiot If i stopped helping this band out!! keep up the good work guys u make my day every day!

  18. Skylar Thomas says:

    OM&M is my favorite band in the world and Austin Carlile is the best and the longest screamer in the world he may be a douche bag but hes fuckin great!!!!

  19. Joe says:

    There must be somthing going on with Austin… Me being in a band, I know how things can get and how some people in the band can clash, or butt heads a bit. But if you have someone who is constantly not holding there end of the weight in the band. you have a problem… If what was said is true. OM&M made the right decision. No matter how amazing the member is, their personalitly is most important. At a bands point of view, If someone was doing stupid unprofessional shit, and had to spend all your time (writing, being on tour, being in the studio) with someone like that. I can see why they did what they did. A band is a family, and when you treat your family with so much disrespect, the outcome is never good.

  20. jake says:

    austin’s a fag and his vocals are annoying. if you think of mice and men or attack attack! are good, you don’t know shit.

  21. DOG says:

    Austin = one of the best screamers of all time
    Austin = a Dick
    give and take. both bands will be better off on a personal level, yet both bands suffer greatly from the lose of this screamer. both bands new screamers suck. ever one knows it, no one will admit it tho because he is a dick.
    end of story

  22. Seriously says:

    Alright, dudes. These guys have known Austin personally. Your opinion matters nothing because you don’t know him. Alot of metal fans love the new record better than SDCS because Austin is gone. Face it, he’s a faliure as a person alltogether. AA! and OM&M are better off.

  23. Attack Attack! rules bitch. Austin Carlile can suck DICK thats all he is good for. Of Mice & Men rocks without him :)!

  24. zane barrett says:

    I would hate to be in attack attack and of mice and men because they had to kick out an amazing vocalist because of his dick moves and apparent shitty personality. im sure they know how good austin is and probably one of the best screamers on record and live. He was a nice guy to me when i saw him outside a show and answered all my questions even though he was in a hurry but i believe jaxins wife and the other attack attack guy that austin’s a dick. That is a hard decision knowing your next vocalist is going to be worse than austin unless they change their sound to fit the new guy. blessthefall pulled it off with beau using his screaming a little and putting more of the screaming chops on jared. Attack Attack failed miserably with the keyboardist as vocalist. Saw them yesterday at warped and he couldn’t do highs at all(like voice cracked bad highs) and his lows were generic and too easy to do unlike, may i say suicide silence’s vocalist. So attack attack hasn’t done well musically without him i hope of mice and men can keep it going because i love the self titled and of course someday came suddenly is amazing.

  25. Truth says:

    Austin Carlile is not the best screamer in the business. Get off the mainstream and discover other bands.

  26. Drcutya says:

    I wish the Austin fans knew his real self.
    Attack Attack,
    said the exact same things about him.
    Of Mice & men want no part of him,
    and Jaxins girl knew the truth.
    Thank her for posting.

  27. JoE says:

    wow this looks just like the blog attack attack! put up, carliles an asshole

  28. Guest says:

    lmao austin carlile #1

  29. Domodotts says:

    He’s not racist LMAO get a life dumb asses.

  30. Almostsk8n says:

    we all make mistakes you fucking cunt

  31. Xsongoku21x says:

    all the lil sceneie wenies gotta defend austin…hes a dick plain and simple..saw of mice and men with texas and july and miss may i was stoked hey i get to meet some rad ppl..only band i got to meet and talked to was miss may i..only band out there talking to there fans its said when another rise band say yeah hes a dick…hid in his tour bus the whole tim..yeah hes such a sweetheart

  32. Xsongoku21 says:

     my bad texas in july miss may i wcar of mice and columbus ohio..a home show for his bitch ass and was a dick to everyone

  33. ufgbn,mcnv says:

    awkward how he has never been kicked out of Of Mice & Men he took a year out to go through open heart surgery this is a joke ahahahahahaha

  34. Jacob Tender says:

    It’s a fact that Austin Carlile was removed from the band. Read his personal statement here: