Video auditions for Tupac Shakur movie role

Film cheifs behind Tupac, an upcoming biopic about the rapper who died in 1996, are welcoming aspiring actors to send in video auditions here for the lead role. Those applying have to perform their favorite Tupac song and recite a courtroom monologue. Submissions are open until April 30.

“We’re looking for someone with the right mix of raw charm and charisma for the role. At this point, we’re more concerned about finding someone with the ability to give their entire heart into the performance than just looks and personality.”- David Robinson, Producer.

Filming is planned to start in the summer.

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2 Responses to “Video auditions for Tupac Shakur movie role”

  1. jose says:

    I swear to you on my life I can bring you some one who looks like tupac my number is 414-737-1027 you wont be disappointed

  2. UTGMelanie says:

    Unfortunately, we have no affiliation with casting for this role. We’re just spreading the news to help with the search. You can click on the links for more details.