The Wonder Years reveal album details

The Wonder Years have announced they will release their latest album, Suburbia I’ve Given You All And Now I’m Nothing, on June 14 via Hopeless Records. You can view the album track listing and artwork below. Also, the band will be premiere the first song off the album tonight on Absolutepunk (we’ll post a link when it goes live). Needless to say, keep checking UTG as we will be bringing A LOT more on this album as the date approaches.


Track listing:
1. Came Out Swinging
2. Woke Up Older
3. Local Man Ruins Everything
4. Suburbia
5. My Life as a Pigeon
6. Summers in PA
7. I Won’t Say the Lord’s Prayer
8. Coffee Eyes
9. I’ve Given You All
10. Don’t Let Me Cave In
11. You Made Me Want to be a Saint
12. Hoodie Weather
13. And Now I’m Nothing

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