REVIEW: Move Out West – On The Run EP

Artist: Move Out West
Album: On The Run EP
Genre: Pop Rock
Label: Unsigned

As I grow older, I feel more and more detached from the world of pop rock. It isn’t that the music is bad (though many times it is), but these guys simply have no interest in having me as a fan. For starters, I’m not female nor do I have the ability to swoon over their easygoing attitudes and overly perfected hair. Also, at 23, I’m generally as old as, if not older than, most of those that attempt to make a living in this genre. That said, every now and then I find a band I can’t help but enjoy and long to share them with all my friends and family regardless of the oncoming shame I’m sure to face. Connecticut’s Move Out West is that kind of band.

To be honest, Move Out West lack many of the attributes I normally look for in a new band. The members look like they fell from an Urban Outfitters catalog and their music seems more likely to be found in the upcoming film Prom than my iPod, but dammit I dig this band. Their latest EP, the almost too obviously titled On The Run, finds Move Out West growing from their ultra-simplistic debut to a band on the verge of wading into the mainstream. Tracks like “Drift Away” and “Sink With You” scream Summer anthem while the more mature “Explain It” should be all the reasoning any label needs to throw a large sum of money at these guys.

I know we usually carry on for paragraph after paragraph about why a release deserves your time, but that’s not how pop rock is meant to be reviewed. This is a genre built on keeping it short and simple (or long and depressing), so why not write a review in the same spirit? It took me less than a dozen listens to know Move Out West had to be mentioned on UTG and I bet it takes even less for each and every one of you to fall in love with them. On The Run is exactly what a band that deserves a record deal SHOULD sound link. Let’s hope those in command catch on soon.

Score: 9/10
Review written by: James Shotwell

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