REVIEW: Foster The People – Foster The People EP

Artist: Foster The People
Album: Foster The People EP
Genre: Indie/Pop
Label: Unsigned

Foster the People mark their first effort with this three track ‘EP’. As a Californian trio with a sound like an amalgamation of Daft Punk, MGMT and Justice with a little bit of fun. (the band that is), they are an extremely intriguing band. While I am not -and probably will never be- a fan of the three song EP format, I have to admit to becoming a fan of the band. Each song has its own particular little quirk, something which hints at the prospect of a highly eclectic full length.

“Houdini” has a pounding drum beat which breaks into a melange of sounds, reminiscent of Empire of the Sun and the aforementioned fun., but there is a shift due to Cubbie Fink’s more commanding vocals. This leads smoothly into their more publicized track “Pumped Up Kicks”- which has charted highly on Triple J’s Hottest of 2010 Countdown. While “Houdini” begins with a strong tone, “Pumped Up Kicks” has a depth to it that loops into this higher pitched hook and chorus, something which caught me entirely off guard. The third track, and my personal favourite, is “Helena Beat.” The soft drum led beat builds up, leading to an intriguing instrumental and the catchiest of hooks, which reminds me of MGMT’s now infamous “Kids.”

While I was disappointed at the fact there were only three songs on this EP, especially as it is the band’s first release, the material here more than makes up for the lack of length. In a climate where a lot of bands misuse electronics and additional instrumentation, Foster the People have struck that middle ground that eludes many of today’s artists. They have somewhat successfully laid a, albeit small, stepping stone for what could be a fantastic first album. All that remains to be seen is what they make of this first step and how they will build upon it for their debut album (something I hope is not too far away).

Score: 6/10
Review written by: Naomi Carson

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One Response to “REVIEW: Foster The People – Foster The People EP”

  1. Sara Miller says:

    I definitely wish the EP had more tracks, but I’m stoked for their album on 5/24! Have you seen the fanvid for Helena Beat?