Do you want to take another step toward your future in the music industry? Do you love music with a passion, but have no outlet to share your favorite bands and thoughts on today’s top hits? Are you looking to begin a career in journalism and have an interest in the entertainment industry?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be a perfect fit for the Under The Gun Review staff!

Under The Gun Review, one of the web’s fastest growing entertainment news and review sites for teens and young adults, is currently looking to expand our writing staff. All positions are unpaid, but we are able to offer college credit to most institutions.

So what are we looking for?

Here at UTG, we only want people truly passionate and dedicated to the entertainment industry. No genres or specifics, but entertainment as a whole. We pride ourselves on our wide coverage and are interested in finding others who are simply passionate about art and covering those who further it for today’s generation.

What are the requirements?

We are currently looking for two types of writers, news and feature, but are also interested in those willing to tackle both. You don’t need to be a journalism major or English teacher by any means, but we do ask you have some writing experience, preferably in a journalistic or creative setting. Additionally, we ask at least 4-5, as much as 10 hours of effort from our staff per week. This includes (but is not limited to): daily news posts, research, participation in staff discussion, weekly featured articles (if applicable), minor social networking, and minor physical marketing.

The specifics of each person’s role in Under The Gun Review is unique and crafted to meet their specific skill set. A more refined job description will be provided later as the interview process continues, if necessary.

What do I get out of it?

We’ll be honest, we can’t pay (yet). Believe it or not, building an online community and voicing your opinion about today’s hottest and rising entertainment talent isn’t the most fiscally rewarding move a group of people can make. That said, we do offer the following benefits to all staff (to varying degrees, determined upon hire):

Free music – Cds, vinyl, and mp3s, (generally) before street date

Free concert tickets – Want to see your favorite band and talk to them? We can make it happen!

Networking opportunities – From publicists, to labels and managers, connect with the industry and make your mark!

Experience – Gain hands-on experience working amongst other promising young industry professionals. Talk to artists, learn the business behind their art, and learn to talk to others about what you know. Not only from a journalistic perspective, but professionally as well.

How do I apply?
If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Under The Gun Review staff or have any questions regarding the position, please send your resume/CV to: utgjames@gmail.com with the subject: “Write For UTG.” Please be sure to include a cover letter/introduction, along with your name, age, address, school (if applicable), and top 3 favorite bands*.

*Under The Gun Review holds no bias against any individual based on age, sex, ethnicity, or taste in music. All applications will be considered fully and responded to within a reasonable amount of time (generally less than 2 weeks). Under The Gun Review reserves the right to request references and/or proof of experience. In the event you are unable to provide a resume/CV, please contact us and another method of application will be discussed.

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  1. My friend is interested in music industry but I am not that much familiar in music. So I will share this information to my friends.