REVIEW: Fucked Up – David Comes to Life

Artist: Fucked Up
Album: David Comes to Life
Genre: Hardcore Punk/ Experimental Rock
Label: Matador Records

Toronto based hardcore punk outfit Fucked Up have steadily made a name for themselves with trashed venues and mysterious affiliates and symbolism following in their wake for 10 years. Their latest release, David Comes to Life has been an interesting listen to say the least. The whole band is so solid it’s damn near impossible to give this a poor review.Generally, I stay away from hardcore punk music. I like a little melody to my music and a majority of the hardcore punkers don’t usually quench my thirst. I love the history and influence of punk music and the spirit that it brings, however I think many can agree that it isn’t the most musically inclined genre out there. That’s why I was surprised when I first heard Fucked Up. In addition to the grit and grim that lead vocalist Pink Eyes (Father Damian [Abraham]) slings, there is an amazing collaboration of musicianship by lead guitarist 10,000 Marbles (Mike Haliechuk), rhythm guitarist Gulag (Concentration Camp, Josh Zucker), guitarist Young Governor (Bad Kid, Lil’ Bitey, Ben Cook), bassist Mustard Gas (Sandy Miranda), and drummer Mr. Jo (Mr. Jo, Jonah Falco).

The album is based on a concept of the love, loss, and redemption of the mysterious figure affiliated with Fucked Up, David. The story is told within 18 full length tracks, giving the listener around 80 minutes of music. I feel this is a bountiful amount of ear candy. Hitting replay on this record is a recommended action.

A mixture of experimental guitar riffs, transient female backing vocals, and a concept makes David Comes to Life a flavorful blend of everything that is good in music. I recommend David Comes to Life to anybody who likes punk, alternative rock, or something new and different to listen to.

Score: 9.6/10
Review written by Jacob Tender

Jacob Tender
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