Metro Station returns minus Cyrus

After a confusing and rather quiet break up, a law suit, and a lot of rumor and debate, Metro Station has officially returned with a record on the way.

Lead vocalist Mason Musso regained ownership of the group name in April after a lawsuit against the band’s other founding member, Trace Cyrus. After the suit was won, Musso announced he would be continuing on solo under the moniker. Then things got quiet again.

Recently, Mr. Musso tweeted the following:

Finishing up the new M.S. record and so excited to show u all the new tunes. here is a taste of what is to come.

He also revealed in a later tweet that the remaining two members of the band were working on the record as well.

I for one was a fan of the group in my youth and I’m interested to see how the band comes back. As far as we can tell, Metro Station is still on Columbia Records and we’ll be keeping a keen eye out for more information as time progresses. If you hear anything more, feel free to let us know!

Check out the latest single Musso has released for Metro Station, entitled “Ain’t So High.”

Jacob Tender
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