SINGLE REVIEW: Nicki Minaj – Starships

Artist: Nicki Minaj
Song: Starships
Album: Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Label: Cash Money/Young Money

Released on Valentine’s Day, “Starships” is the official lead single for Nicki Minaj’s forthcoming Sophomore effort, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. The song strays from the path of early album leaks like “Stupid Hoe” and “Roman In Moscow” by focusing on the dance-pop side of Minaj’s personality, which is a smart marketing move given the mixed reactions to her recent Grammy performance. For those of you who have yet to hear the song, click through now to get a taste of the YMCMB queen’s latest.

As with every new single that comes our way, we spun the record around the UTG offices and gave everyone a chance to chime in with their thoughts on “Starships.” You can read thoughts and critiques from many UTG staffers below:

‎”Starships” finds Nicki Minaj at her most radio-friendly. It sounds like she wants everyone to enjoy the song, wants every bar and club to play it at least three times every half hour and get plenty of air time on VH1, MTV and BET. It probably will and that’s terrible.” -Ethan Merrick (Twitter)

“Over the last eighteen months, Nicki Minaj’s star his rised and with “Starships” it will no doubt continue to rise. The bouncy synths and punching hip-hop beats will easily win over casual fans, as will the insatiable chorus. It’s a simple, familiar formula that easily works. Because of this, the track isn’t anything different from what is played to death on Top 40 radio right now, and will more than likely get be forgotten about by the end of the year.” – Sean Reid (Twitter)

“It’s so difficult to take her music seriously. Trying to be creative for her literally involves spazzing out on a track for attention. Too much happening on “Starships,” in every sense, for my liking.” – Grant Trimboli (Twitter)

‎”Maybe she should stick to collaborations, since those always seem to work out best for her. when she’s allowed to go off and do her own thing she overcompensates and gets all crazy. someone needs to keep Roman on a short leash.” – Kellie Gannon (Twitter)

“After seeing the video for “Stupid Hoe,” witnessing whatever that performance was on the Grammys, and now hearing “Starships,” I think it is safe to say Nicki Minaj let her ego go to her head. She can claim to be the female Weezy all she wants, but the fact of the matter is that Weezy was releasing platinum records at 15 and Minaj is one album and three mixtapes into a career that likely will not last half as long. “Young Forever,” the rap-free song that recently appeared online, is fantastic. She needs to check herself before she wrecks herself.” – James Shotwell (Twitter)

“Seeing as how our Katy Perry review went over in the comments, I need to wait and see how it sells and then judge this based entirely off of how well it sold. This is apparently the only way to review something. This is also why the best movie of the year is Underworld: Awakening and the best food comes from McDonalds.” – Dane Sager (Twitter)

Do you agree with us? Comment below and leave us your thoughts on Nicki Minaj’s latest!

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One Response to “SINGLE REVIEW: Nicki Minaj – Starships”

  1. Andre_699 says:

    Ehhhhh, typical jumpy pop formula song, that will get alot of  air time, i think its soley catchy due to the fact that Redone produced the track.