SINGLE REVIEW: Odd Future – Rella

Artist: Odd Future
Song: Rella
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Album: OF Tape Vol. 2

Released on Monday night, “Rella” is the lead single off hip-hop collective Odd Future’s forthcoming album, OF Tape Vol. 2 (in stores March 20). Featuring members Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, and Tyler, The Creator riding a beat that rattles with the usual lo-fi nuances fans have come to expect against visuals that somehow manage to compete with the group’s outrageous lyricism, the song and its equally outrageous music video have quickly one of the most discussed things on the blogosphere. In case you missed it, can view the video and hear “Rella” below:

As with every new single that comes our way, we spun the record around the UTG offices and gave everyone a chance to chime in with their thoughts on “Rella.” You can read thoughts and critiques from UTG staffers below:

“Odd Future have been an omnipresent force in alternative music for over a year now and as a result, the public desire to see their crazy antics has begun to fade. “Rella,” though visually engaging in ways few videos dare to be anymore, simply falls flat as a single. The beat, the attitude, and the majority of the verses are exactly what you would expect from the members of OFWGKTA and that lack of excitement quickly turns to boredom before the track reaches completion.” – James Shotwell (Twitter)

‎”The single starts off really sick, but by a minute in I’m pretty bored. Pretty mediocre across the board, aside from a couple killer lines in each verse. Count me as the camp of people who don’t get all the OFWGKTA hype. At least the video is fantastic.” – Jordan Munson (Twitter)

“The energy and attitude Odd Future brings to the table with “Rella” feels too familiar. How many times are they going to talk about “raping bitches” before people grow tired of the subject? The beat and verses lack originality, but at least the video is a hit. I hope they pick the slack on the next track.” – Grant Trimboli (Twitter)

“If skate tapes were still as popular as they were in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, this would be the track that opens it up. This song has great flow, blow personally it’s hard for me to truely enjoy when 80% of the lyrics are about what they’re going to do to their women. Call me an old man, but there are so many other things you could talk about and the song would be exponentially better. Also the explosions at the beginning are somewhat distracting. But if you take it at face value (and don’t read too much into the lyrics), this is a great song to take your board out to and flow through the streets.” – Tyler Osborne (Twitter)

“After listening to Odd Future’s latest single “Rella” it seems the rap group may have rode the shock factor for too long. With unoriginal and forgettable lyrics, i found myself focusing far too much on the video rather than the music. Although the beat is interesting the overall song falls way short of being impressive, especially for a group who seem unable to stay out of news headlines.” – Matt Dondiego

Do you agree with us? Comment below and leave us your thoughts on Odd Future’s latest!

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18 Responses to “SINGLE REVIEW: Odd Future – Rella”

  1. McGatts says:

    wow yall muhfuggas are somethin else

  2. Most of yal discussing this are prob some old ass mothafuckers who arent hip to shit their rapping about and can only catch the parts when they talk about smacking bitches, 

  3. Anton says:

    This is like “bitch suck dick” it’s not supposed to be taken seriously . It makes fun of other rappers with terrible lyrics. Just watch “bitch suck dick” and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

  4. Anton says:


  5. I♥MileyCyrus says:

    I agree~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are sarcastic!!!!! OMFG why cant ppl see that???? they always take rappers seriously haha they make fun of YMCMB!!

  6. Nice video Really very useful site Thanks 

  7. Ras97 says:

    I love they beat and Tyler’s part but I agree the rest is kind of weak. Wolf Haley did a great job with the video though!

  8. horrible track says:

    shits garbage. even if they’re sarcastic they aren’t clever. odd future will die in 2012

  9. Angry Teddy says:

    I agree with the reviewers, they could talk about all the women at their shows that like them for their money or pill popping. And they never talk about the cars they have or their big houses! And not once do they mention various other things that doesn’t helps the hip hop culture in no way shape or form. If only they realize that expressing themselves by attacking other rappers with more favorable gimmicks is lame and started writing songs for fickle fans who would only like them if they have a catchy hook and a beat they can dance too, then maybe the people of Twitter; an reputable hip hop analyzing site, would rate this as a note worthy song. Oh well, I guess ill just go back and listen to legends of our time like Waka Flocka Flame or Lil B, you know Good Music…

  10. honey dip says:

    you’re telling me you cant dance to this, or any song by odd future?

  11. GolfwangPsalms says:

    All of these reviews are just old guys not being able to get the music because they’re not immature enough..I don’t care what people say, I hope I stay immature my whole life

  12. Golfwangpsalms says:

    But if you died this year, no one would know..why? Cuz you haven’t done anything in your life even a millionth as close as OF has

  13. BaBy Uzii says:

    Seems Like the people who are writing these “reviews” dont even get the song so how the fuck are they even reviewing it? smh

  14. Nig says:

    Can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not. You just made fun of mainstream, and then you say your gonna listen to some Waka Flocka, and Lil B. Both of those are ppl who Odd Future take inspiration from.

  15. Pdubs says:

     Get off their dicks already, it’s not a good look for you.

    But seriously, there really isn’t any substance to what they do. It’s impressive that they produce all their own stuff, direct their own videos, etc. But they have a platform to actually create something of value instead they just talk about rape, killing people and the like. Maybe it was shocking at first but the gimmick is getting old.

    I get that they’re young and immature and they make the music they want to make and talk about what they want to talk about and don’t give a shit about what anyone thinks about it, but I think they’re talented enough to do more.

  16. JNapps says:


    Tyler has all creative control over his music, which is the way it should be. Critics aren’t really critics, they’re people (usually really old people), just like us. Who cares what some neckbeard has to say on Twitter about a song or video? If Tyler had put out something mainstream he would be bashed for not sticking to his originality.

  17. Angry Teddy says:

    I was trying to point out about how critical we are on this song without taking into consideration why they make the music they do. The interviewers said some silly things, that in todays music is redundant. The fact that the reviews criticized the song for having “unoriginal and forgettable lyrics” as if this isnt what we get from singles from people like Waka or Wayne. Also too say that “lack of excitement quickly turns to boredom” could only say too me is that they are expecting too much OFWGKTA but does not seem to hold this standard to other rappers. Oh and the point that the source from these people are from Twitter is just funny to me.

  18. Adecmr says:

    Odd Future is dope and this video pretty much sums up their awesomeness!