Jason Mraz Reveals ‘Love is a Four Letter Word’ Track-Listing

Jason Mraz has finally revealed the official track-listing for his upcoming effort, Love is a Four Letter Word, and can be viewed right here on UTG. The album is due out on April 17 through Atlantic Records.

Be sure to take a listen to a few new song streams from Jason by simply heading past the link provided. The cover artwork can be seen in the feature image box to your left.

Please head past the jump to view the track-listing and let us know if you plan on picking up the new album!

1. The Freedom Song
2. Living In The Moment
3. The Woman I Love
4. I Won’t Give Up
5. 5/6
6. Everything Is Sound
7. 93 Million Miles
8. Frank D. Fixer
9. Who’s Thinking About You Now?
10. In Your Hands
11. Be Honest (feat. Inara George)
12. The World As I See It

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  2. by far one of the most underrated artists of our time. incredible live.