REVIEW: Mychildren Mybride – Self-titled

Artist: Mychildren Mybride
Album: Self-titled
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Solid State

The realm of Christian metalcore is one of the most peculiar communities you can encounter in the music world. Most assume it to be a collection of artists and bands passionate about spreading their beliefs, but more often than not it’s a mixed bag of the truly passionate, the cliche, and the “not talented enough for the mainstream, so we promote Jesus in order to get booked outside of basements.” Even the most talented bands in this genre generally have to spend years fighting through the ranks of youth group centers and VFW halls to gain mainstream recognition, and even those who attain it are never promised success. It’s not that the music being created is not good enough for the mainstream, it’s that the band’s message is not conveyed in a way that can pass through the mainstream’s subconscious content filters in a way that allows for the music to be seen for what it really is: Art. To achieve that, artists must reach a level of musicianship their peers never believe them capable of and, after two full lengths and half a decade of touring, Alabama’s Mychildren Mybride have finally cracked that code.

Taking a step back from the simple, yet ferocious feel of Lost Boy, Mychildren Mybride take their time building a dark, ominous atmosphere to set the tone for their self-title album. When the band does join in, they arrive with a slow, yet heavy forcefulness that let’s you know they are more driven than ever before. This leads into “Wings Of Integrity Pt. 2,” a sequel of sorts to what most would claim their most successful single, which provides enough gang vocal goodness and talk of a “us vs. them” mindset to ensure fans new and old are hooked for the expansive journey that lies ahead.

For me, MCMB’s self-titled really takes off once we arrive at “Anathema.” The first two tracks are fantastic and work well to pull in an audience, but this is where the real meat of the record begins, and it does so with more techinical prowess than the band has showcased on any previous release. This carries through “God Of Nothing,” a track that finds vocalist Matthew Hastings stretching his range from numetal-like whispers to growls that rival beasts you only read, then changes with “The Endless,” diverting ever-so-slightly from the driving energy to turn the focus on storytelling and dealing with the loss of friends. It’s a subtle sonic move, but one that shows a wealth of songwriting evolution over the group’s previous efforts, giving us something new to experience in a genre that all too often falls prey to repetition.

Digging into the back half of the record, “SAMCRO” and “Hell Or High Water” come packed with circle pit inducing riffs and more gang vocals than you can pump a fist to, but feel a bit too similar to material from the group’s back catalog to warrant many replays outside a live setting. Fortunately, MCMB were conscious enough of this to tuck these two crowd pleasers amongst their four most accomplished songs to date: “Dreamcatchers,” “Black Cloud,” “Observer,” and “No One Listens, No One Cares.” These tracks transcend what would be considered “good for MCMB” and challenge the best material released from this genre all year. The one-two punch of “Observer” and “No One Listens, No One Cares” is especially great, closing the album with some of the most raw, honest lyricism I have ever heard without once sacrificing the heavy.

It took a lot longer than most would have been able to wait, but Mychildren Mybride have finally crossed a threshold of artistry that should allow them to become one of the more recognized acts in their genre. Having evolved both musically and lyrically, their self-titled effort proves they not only recognize the need to change, but are pushing themselves to go above and beyond the efforts of their peers. Whether you love or hate their music, this album signals a clear change for MCMB that only a fool would be silly enough to overlook. Seek this out, give it a chance, and who knows, you just might discover a whole new love for Mychildren Mybride.

Score: 8/10
Review written by: James Shotwell (Twitter)

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  1. Hunter Price says:

    this cd slays so hard!