In The Midst Of Lions Hint At Break-Up

Lambgoat has broke the news St. Louis’ deathcore outfit In The Midst Of Lions are in some hot water.

ITMOL were originally on the Kingdom Days in an Evil Age Tour, with Sleeping Giant and First Blood, but dropped off two weeks ago (Was not announced). According to the article, information reveals guitar player Ryan McAllister told a fan, “Yeah we’re definitely not on that tour, I don’t know why it hasn’t been announced yet.”

McAllister went as far as to say that the band is currently in a difficult time. Read the statement by simply looking below. We hope that this does not mean the end for In The Midst Of Lions.

“Yeah that’s something we’re still figuring out.”

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One Response to “In The Midst Of Lions Hint At Break-Up”

  1. Nathaniel21 says:

    :( this is in the midst of lions they can’t break up. God wont allow it!