Antique Records Announce Limited Edition With The Punches Cassette

Our friends over at Antique Records have partnered up with Doghouse Records to release a limited edition cassette of With The PunchesSeams & Stitches.

This release is limited to only 100 copies and is available in two colors, Light Blue Shell (30) and Clear Shell (70), so grab copies while you still can. Please be sure to support With The Punches and Antique by picking this up exclusive pre-order right now!

Be sure to check out the official track-listing below and let UTG know if you plan on picking up With The Punches debut.

01. Riverside
02. Bad Pennies
03. Harvard On The Hudson
04. Postcards
05. Home In A Lighthouse
06. Don’t Panic
07. I Told You Already
08. New York Minute
09. Letting Go
10. Face Value
11. Cags
12. Seams & Stitches

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