Against Me! Announce New Album Title

Against Me! announced at a recent live show that their new album will be titled Transgender Dysphoria Blues. For those who don’t remember or missed it, lead singer Tom Gabel (now Laura Jane Grace) came out as transgender a few weeks back, so this touring cycle is the first time she is playing under her new name. This new album announcement is both exciting and a huge step forward for her as a songwriter, as it will be the first time she is completely out in the open with her sexuality and gender identification. We’re really excited here at UTG to hear the new album, but even more proud of how brave Laura is step out like this.

You can check out a video of Against Me! performing after the break (found by, as well as a picture of Laura from the show. Also be sure to leave UTG a note in the comments section about what you think of the new album title!

Tyler Osborne
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One Response to “Against Me! Announce New Album Title”

  1. Nick Jagielski says:

    Their new album is gonna be awesome! As for the name, it’s a perfect one! I like the fact that he/she decided to deal with it openly rather than keeping it away!