Christofer Drew on Bryan Stars Drama

There was much backlash following the now-infamous Bryan Stars interview with Never Shout Never.  Disregarding whether you are on Never Shout Never’s side or Stars’ side, everyone can agree that the nearly-45 minute interview was down right awkward.

Never one to mince words, Never Shout Never CEO, Christofer Drew, opened up to The Gunz Show regarding the Bryan Stars incident. Drew admits to dropping acid earlier in the day and that the drug might have influenced his interaction with the often-criticized interviewer. Drew also shares that he and Bryan Stars’ camera man shared a toke or two after the interview.

Check out what Drew had to say to Gunz, along with the original Stars interview, after the jump.

I definitely didn’t think it was a huge deal when it was happening… it didn’t feel like a huge deal … it didn’t feel that hostile. But then I rewatched it, and I watched him crying at the end, and I was just like, “Oh my God! I can’t believe I did this.” It was very hard to know if I was wrong or right, and I didn’t really know how to handle it all … it was a very confusing moment for me.

The craziest part is that after we were done, he was like, “Can we do it again?”

We were just having a crazy day. I had taken acid earlier that day and we were in the studio, and I like getting weird in the studio and experimenting, especially when it’s a mixing day, and I want to add weird effects on stuff… It hadn’t completely worn off, and I was still in this really intense mindset of, like, “It’s all about music! Shut the fuck up if it’s not!” I don’t know why I got in that mindset, I just did. We had been recording since 8am, we show up at the venue about 3 or 4, and then he rolls up.

All in all, I really didn’t think it was that huge of a deal. I thought it was very humbling for me, getting all that hate mail. I was like, “I can learn from this, I can grow from this, and that’s what matters.”

The coolest part, that I wish he wouldn’t have left out of the interview, is that right after the interview, his camera guy and his friend, they come up to me and were like, “Hey, wanna smoke, man?” And I was like, “Fuck yeah!” So I brought them out to my car and we smoked it, and we hung out for like 25 minutes, I showed them some new songs, and chatted up. We were totally friendly after the interview, and I wish that he would have said that we were totally fine after the interview, and we made up.

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2 Responses to “Christofer Drew on Bryan Stars Drama”

  1. Kota says:

    Brian stars needs to grow up a bit don’t you think?

  2. brit says:

    No kidding, this was obviously a publicity stint. Although I do kind of feel bad for him..
    But I feel he overreacted. Like, I would’ve been hurt, too, but he was too much.
    He was begging for the sympathy to boost himself.