STREAM: The Classic Crime – “You and Me Both”

Former Tooth & Nail Records alternative rock band, The Classic Crime, will be releasing their fourth album, Phoenix, on August 14. Phoenix will be the Classic Crime’s first album since 2010’s Vagabonds, subsequently the last album TCC released on Tooth & Nail Records. The Classic Crime decided to release Phoenix independently.

Now the group has dropped a new track off of Phoenix entitled, “You and Me Both”. The rocking tune is classic (I could not help myself) TCC. Give the track a listen after the jump.

The past two and a half years have not been kind to TCC. After leaving Tooth & Nail Records, guitarist Justin DeQue left the band. DeQue’s departure, however, did not derail the Seattle, Washington outfit. Instead, the new-quartet started a Kickstarter, and packed with twelve-songs, went about recording what would become Phoenix.

Give “You and Me Both” a listen below and be sure to pick up a copy of Phoenix when it drops in August.

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