STREAM: VersaEmerge – “No Consequences”

The popular two piece Fueled By Ramen rock group known as VersaEmerge have released a brand new single via their Soundcloud page. The track, “No Consequences”, is the first of what we hope to be many more spectacular singles from this group. You can stream the electro-inspired track below.

Think the latest music will live up to the success of their debut full length Fixed At Zero? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment! I’m personally excited to see what else is in the works and what these guys have been up to.

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One Response to “STREAM: VersaEmerge – “No Consequences””

  1. Jacob Tender says:

    Sierra went a bit GaGa on this one, didn’t she?

    I like the song, but it’s really big. This concerns me when considering live performance. Can they pull it off?