MIXTAPE: Lil Wayne – Dedication 4

Under The Gun Review and the rest of the rap music fan base of Lil Wayne have been sick of the waiting game and finally the time has come! His collaborative Dedication 4 mixtape, with DJ Drama, has finally been released to the internet.

Can you believe Weezy is following through with a guideline? We cannot believe it. Figuring that 2 Chainz needed way more exposure than he already is getting worldwide, Wayne jumped ship at the original release date, then the next, and the one after that. BIG surprise.

Without further ado, please click here to download and stream Dedication 4. Comment with your thoughts and let UTG know if the mix was truly worth the wait.

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5 Responses to “MIXTAPE: Lil Wayne – Dedication 4”

  1. crack says:

    this nigga lost it

  2. Yousifk96 says:

    The album is crazy as fuck and it’s just a mixtape. If he could do this on a mixtape think about how good his next album is going to be

  3. Negro183 says:

    hell yeah weezy that’s what I’m fucking talking about, R.I.P. Big Sean, kanye, jayz TUNECHIS BACK

  4. ItsJustDifferent says:

    Wow…you guys clearly are FANS or more like IDOLIZERS because this shit is garbage!

  5. Jamaal Williams says:

    We only listen to Wayne for punchlines, this isn’t meant to be “lyrical”