HOLY SH!T: Is Someone Teasing A New Monster Movie?

Being king of the geeks has its perks, and earlier today the folks at /Film appear to have been tipped off about the possibility of a new monster movie, or something similar, via a cell phone.

Peter Sciretta, Editor of /Film, writes:

Tonight I received a mysterious message on my cellphone along with an equally mysterious attached video. At first I thought this might be footage from new viral movie campaign, but I couldn’t think of a movie being released this year that might fit. The text was in Portugese, which I had translated to English via Google. I searched the names and locations mentioned but came up short. Check out the video clip for yourself after the jump, and read the mysterious text message that accompanied it.

Now we linked to /Film above, and here is the source article again, but we went ahead and embedded the video into this post to simplify everything for our readers. You can view the clip, as well as the translated text, after the jump. Once you review the materials, comment below and let us know what you think the footage may be! Will this be a found footage thriller? An actual film? We’ll update you as soon as more information begins to surface.

Translated text message:

This was discovered to sixteen weeks ago on a camera phone that was found in a plastic bag with zipper. It was discovered in the Amazon River, near Santarém. Brazilian officials have not released any information about the phone owner. However, widely believed to be the phone of a Sarah Malina, a native of Torrance, California. Ms. Malina headlines when she disappeared was during his work with Doctors without borders in the area Oriximina at the end of last month. Two weeks after the first reports of her disappearance, she was discovered by a local worker of a factory of wood nearby. She was found unconscious and remained in a coma ever since. His family has not confirmed that the phone was hers, and the only image seems to be a video of an amphibious creature dead. These images are now starting to appear online.

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