RUMOR: Fall Out Boy Are Working On New Material

You know what is worse than a rumor? People ruining surprises. I don’t know if Ms. Keltie Colleen is guilty of the first or the second, but either way, prepare to learn why she is quasi-important on the blogosphere today.

When not spending her time working for The Insider, Keltie Colleen has become somewhat of a blogger figure in the alternative music scene. She’s interviewed many of the artists we feature on UTG, and today she guaranteed a few more followers for herself by tweeting the following:

Today I am basking in the glow of knowledge that FOB are working on new songs. #fangirl

Whether or not Ms. Colleen’s statement is true remains to be seen. We have been reporting on rumors of Fall Out Boy’s return in 2013 for months and still have nothing concrete to show for all our research. If you see something, say something.

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5 Responses to “RUMOR: Fall Out Boy Are Working On New Material”

  1. Jacob Tender says:

    This is when I say, “How many times do I have to repeat myself? We know this is likely happening by 2013.”

    This is also when Patrick Stump says something like, “It could happen, but it’s not happening right now.”

    This is additionally when Twitter gets riled up, FOB Spotify plays increase for a few hours, and Beau Bokan says “TOLD YOU!”

  2. tmhc says:


  3. dee says:

    Patrick and Joe have already confirm on Twitter that this is nothing but a rumor. Though, I wish they would have called her out on starting it.

  4. srcc says:

    “today she guaranteed a few more followers for herself…”

    Pretty sure that’s why she said it, especially since Patrick and Joe have both said it’s a rumor. She’s also someone who tends to try to … what’s a delicate way of saying famewhore? Oh, wait, oops.

  5. Niel 9 says:

    come on FOB say that this is not a rumor there were many Fans That are waiting For The return.