Lil Wayne Loses Lawsuit Over ‘The Carter’ Documentary

TMZ is reporting that rapper Lil Wayne has lost his lawsuit against Quincy Jones over the 2009 documentary, The Carter. Wayne had originally sued Jones because of the way the film portrayed the artist, but the jury decided otherwise. Even worse, Wayne also lost a counter-suit from Jones and has been ordered to pay him $2,195,000. Quincy’s countersuit alleged Lil Wayne wrongfully blocked the release of the film, thus ruining its profit potential.

This story would have broken a week ago, but the court dates fell around the same time Wayne suffered multiple seizure-like episodes while flying. As a result of his medical problems, Wayne was never able to appear in court in order to testify, which then forced Wayne’s attorney to show the jury Wayne’s deposition, in which he refuses to answer questions and mocks the proceeding. That video can be found after the jump.

Having been kicked around in the headlines for a few weeks, it seems the worst may have finally passed Lil Wayne. Stay tuned.

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One Response to “Lil Wayne Loses Lawsuit Over ‘The Carter’ Documentary”

  1. zakkforchilli says:

    He advertises pretty much his overuse of Xanax ‘barssssss’ so he’s probably going through withdrawal or something if he’s having seizures. Fool. That’d be funny SHIT!