STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Saves The Day – “Skulls” (The Misfits Cover)

Saves The Day have been hinting for months that they were recording a few covers. No real rhyme, reason, or release was ever given, but look on the bright side: things like this little surprise of a cover happen out of nowhere. The band’s Facebook alerted the world that they had intended to release it around Halloween, but alas, it didn’t happen in time. I hadn’t taken STD to be fans of The Misfits.

There’s reason to think more is coming, too. Perhaps this is looking too far into it, but the mp3 when downloaded is titled “01 Skulls (Misfits Cover)”, which to me implies that there have been other tracks recorded. We know they’ve been working on an album, but this doesn’t seem to be something done for an album; maybe other one-off downloads will be released from the band soon.

Read the band’s official statement and stream or download the cover of “Skulls” here by clicking “Read more”.

So we intended to throw this into the breeze around Halloween, but Mama Nature’s winds wanted us to re-prioritize. So here it is now. It’s free. Pass it along. Make new friends. Remember old ones. Go.

Dan Bogosian
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2 Responses to “STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Saves The Day – “Skulls” (The Misfits Cover)”

  1. Jack Mumm says:

    It says “BUG COVERS” for the album tag. I’d assume this is part of a covers EP to be released, similar to the “Bug Sessions” Acoustic EPs