EXCLUSIVE: This Time Next Year Trivia Contest

This Time Next Year have partnered with UTG, as well as the rest of the Voices network, to give their fans around the world a chance to win some one-of-a-kind prizes in promotion of their upcoming second-to-last performance on December 2 in Oakland, California. Today it is UTG’s turn to host the festivities, so please pay attention and follow the rules carefully:

UTG is excited to be offering This Time Next Year fans the chance to a win a Drop Out Of Life test press, Troubled Coast CD, and The American Scene CD/LP. All you have to do in order to win is answer the following three trivia questions:

– What town in northern California do Set Your Goals and This Time Next Year have in common?

– What was the name of the first tour that Set Your Goals and This Time Next Year did together?

– Who produced the 2 TTNY full lengths and which record did they record?

If you think you know the answer, email UTGjames@gmail.com with the subject “TTNY Contest.” Everyone is welcome to one entry per email.

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3 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: This Time Next Year Trivia Contest”

  1. Guest says:

    Both bands are from Walnut Creek California, Pop Punks Not Dead Tour, Equal Vision Records (Road Maps and Heart Attacks, Drop out of Life)

  2. John Treadwell says:

    its not the ppd one, they did a tour with comeback kid, twy and syg a few years back!.

  3. Sent you an email, will you be replying even if its wrong?