Members of Take Cover and Quietdrive form new band

When Take Cover broke up, I was bummed. Real bummed. I loved that band for all that it was and all that it had the potential to be. I even considered traveling to Minneapolis for the farewell shows, but I couldn’t take the time off from life to make the trip. More bummed.

Then I saw (via Facebook) that the band’s vocalist Ryan Wickard had a new project in the works with Take Cover drummer Derek Johnson and my hope was lifted. I mean, two out of five isn’t bad, right?

After a few months of waiting, the project was finally revealed. It’s called Golden and they are promising a new EP this January. Not bummed.

This new pop rock trio is being filled out with Quietdrive guitarist Will Ceasar and Derek Johnson on bass and drums.

The band posted an introductory video on their facebook page as well. You can see it there or below.


Jacob Tender
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