More Hints Regarding Daft Punk’s Recording And Touring Plans For 2013

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Daft Punk, that enigmatic Parisian electronic duo, is putting out a new album in 2013! And they’re going to tour in support of it! And they’ll make some festival appearances! Or maybe they won’t do any of those things. Who really knows any more.

One thing is for sure: the Daft Punk rumor mill continues to churn on unabated in this new year. There is some fresh information to go off of though. So let’s separate the wheat from the chaff after the jump.

First! That picture at the top of the page. That’s Nile Rodgers poorly photoshopped betwixt Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, the two principle Punks. Rodgers, collaborator of Duran Duran, Madonna, and David Bowie amongst others, has been been working with Daft Punk on their followup to 2005’s Human After All. He’s gone on record saying that the music he’s done with the duo is, “as good as anything I’ve ever done.”

So when Rodgers puts out a blog post titled ‘2013 Won’t Be Boring’, with that image at the top, it’s hard not to get excited. Oh, he also wrote in the post, “the next time I set foot in Japan, my collaboration with Daft Punk would have started to hit people’s eardrums.” Somebody buy this guy round trip airfare to Osaka, stat.

So, odds are we’ll hear some new material from Daft Punk in the next twelve months. But will they tour? The Magic 8-Ball says, “Reply hazy, try again.”

It has been hinted time and again that Daft Punk will tour this year. Just as it has been hinted that Daft Punk will tour every year since they wrapped their Alive 2007 global jaunt. But it only makes sense that the group would tour if they were to put out a new full length, right?

That said, Bestival tour organizer Rob da Bank doesn’t think you should get your hopes up. “There’s all kinds of crazy rumours flying about at the moment about Daft Punk at Coachella, and The Rolling Stones playing Glastonbury,” said Bank in an interview with eFestivals. “We got told months ago that Daft Punk were definitely not touring next year, but it keeps the rumour mill going.”

There you have it. No tour from Daft Punk in 2013. Sorry guys, maybe next ye… wait what did Bank tweet the day after his interview with eFestivals?

Ugh, this is making my head hurt.

TL;DR will we see or hear from Daft Punk in 2013? All signs point to maybe.

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