Foo Fighters Are Still On A Break, But That Isn’t Stopping Dave Grohl From Plotting Their Next Album

dave grohl

He was vague, but vague is better than nothing.

MTV News managed to catch up with Dave Grohl in Park City, UT. In town for Sundance, Grohl has been busy the past few weeks promoting his Sound City documentary, putting on live concerts featuring some of his famous rock and roll compatriots who appeared in the film. Sounds like a sweet gig! But to hear Grohl tell it, he’s ready to get back to work with the Foos.

“But we have a plan, we know exactly what’s coming next,” said Grohl in regards to future Foo Fighters’ plans. “And I have the music for the next record and we’re going to start working on it once we finish doing all this stuff.”

“And we have really awesome, big plans for the next album and I’m really excited about it.”

We are too, Dave, though we’re also a bit bummed that you kept mum about when the next album might come out.

The Foo Fighters put out their last album, Wasting Light, in 2011. Check out the full clip of MTV News’ interview with Grohl after the jump.

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