STREAM: Hierophant – “Son of the Tongue’s Prison”


Most listeners probably aren’t familiar with Italian band Hierophant. Fair enough; they’re only now gearing up for their sophomore release and their debut with Bridge Nine Records Great Mother: Holy Monster. I just hope that, given the information that I’ve just supplied, you can make an educated guess as to Hierophant’s sound.

Ok, let’s go through it step by step. Well, we’ve got highly regarded hardcore imprint Bridge Nine. The band’s name and the title of this song of theirs we’ve got here are both sound vaguely threatening and esoteric. Oh, can’t forget the album title Great Mother: Holy Monster. Your guess is, “Hierophant is twee indie pop”? Ooooh, sorry! No, Hierophant are a brutal, crusty, blackened hardcore five piece and they rule.

Honestly I’m somewhat surprised B9 snagged these guys. Having toured with the likes of Oathbreaker, Deafheaven, and Tombs, I would’ve pegged them as members of the Deathwish roster for sure.

In any case, consider yourself introduced. Check out “Son of the Tongue’s Prison” after the jump.

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Great Mother: Holy Monster is due out March 26. Pre-order it from the Bridge Nine Store.

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