REVIEW: The Dear Hunter – Migrant

Artist: The Dear Hunter
Album: Migrant
Label: Cave and Canary Goods/Equal Vision Records

The Dear Hunter‘s new record is beautiful. This we can expect. But the level, the delivery of its beauty, this is where songwriter Casey Crescenzo and co. take our breath yet again. Migrant is unlike anything heard from The Dear Hunter before. It captures a perfect blend of elegance and transparency, while still conveying subtle theatrics that fans have grown to love about the band. Where Migrant truly stands out among other The Dear Hunter releases comes in not what Casey has done on this record, but what he hasn’t done. It is not over-the-top, it is not engrossingly stimulating, it simply is. It stands unlike the rest for this reason.

This transparent elegance can be heard strongest in tracks such as “This Vicious Place,” or “Shouting In The Rain,” where the listener can find himself being lost in obvious lyrical and musical bliss. It does not stop there; however, the song-writing pinnacle of Casey’s career is pushed beyond its previous limits on the brilliant and booming debut single, “Whisper.” “Whisper” is the standout number of the record. It conveys outstanding dynamics; from the bright introduction to the calming versus to the exploding choruses.

There are many tracks on this record that show Casey has attempted to dive into the crevices of certain areas of music he may have not touched before (hard to believe, right?). “Shame,” touches this. “Shame” has a particularly smooth swagger and mystery to it that aurally paints a picture of deceit or deception. “Girl” also stumbles into this category, being a rarely aggressive track on an overall passive record.

The record is capped off perfectly with “Don’t Look Back,” a spine-tingling, epic number. This song, most similar to tracks from the Act record series, yet still adherently different, builds throughout its duration to top off with a climatic chorus. A truly fantastic way to tie together an unforgettable record.

The Dear Hunter took a risk with this record, stepping away from any surface conception or story to base the release around. Many artists fail when abandoning their comfort zone, but The Dear Hunter have conquered yet again. Migrant is different, yes, but it is the right taste of different. Any fan, young or old, of this artist, would be a fool not to enjoy such a pleasing compilation of music. Migrant is the closest to perfect a record has gotten in 2013. The Dear Hunter have successfully set the bar, yet again.

Rating: 10/10
Review written by: Matthew Leimkuehler
Listen to “Whisper” here:

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One Response to “REVIEW: The Dear Hunter – Migrant”

  1. FaceThe King says:

    Truly incredible. We’ve had the privilege of meeting Casey and recording with Mike Watts, and this is his ultimate work of art. Saw them live at Gramercy Theatre just recently and it was one of the most incredible live shows we’ve seen to date. It’s a travesty that this band isn’t as big as The Beatles.