Ke$ha Releases “Crazy Kids” Single Featuring

Ke$ha has been relatively quiet on the news front in recent weeks. Her songs have stayed in steady rotation at radio, so one could argue further headlines were unnecessary, but it’s still odd that in an age where everyone is connected all the time that someone as generally outrageous as Ke$ha can slip below celebrity radar for any amount of time.

Anyway, today Ke$ha returns to the spotlight with the release of her official “Crazy Kids” remix featuring The track, which was released as a radio edit early this morning, features new verses and a slightly reworked production. As much as we have praised “Crazy Kids” in the past, the addition of (not to mention a sample of “Like A G6” that makes no sense) actually manages to make us like the song less. Will has nothing to offer in terms of interesting lines, and his flow is as tired as his attempts to make us believe he’s futuristic. You can stream the song below.

In addition to debuting this remix, Ke$ha has also unveiled a new look of sorts that you can preview in the artwork shown in the single stream. We’re not sure if she has had an extraordinary amount of work done or simply fallen in love with Photoshop, but it’s clear something has changed from the party girl we saw in the “Die Young” video to now and we’re not sure how we feel about it. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the latest evolution of Ke$ha.

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One Response to “Ke$ha Releases “Crazy Kids” Single Featuring”

  1. Cec1000 says:

    Another party song from Ke$ha? This is getting so tiring. People will be completely sick of her soon. She needs diverse releases. Last Goodbye, Supernatural, Only Wanna Dance With You, Thinking of You or Wherever You Are are much better options for release and none have anything to do with partying or fun, fun, fun. Dumb move RCA. You’re sabotaging a very promising career.