HOLY SH!T: Jay-Z Is An Illuminati Time Traveler?

Okay folks, calm down. That headline was meant to be ridiculous and no, we do not believe Jay-Z is a member of the illuminati or an actual time traveler. Everyone knows the Stone Cutters rule the world anyways.

A few years back, actor Nicolas Cage got a nice boost of press coverage when a photo surfaced of a civil war era soldier who bared a striking resemblance to Cage. This image spawned a wealth of knockoff images placing Cage and other notable celebs in various points in history, but then the fad quietly slipped into obscurity (until now, of course).

Jay-Z is the latest celebrity to have a historical doppelgänger, and after seeing the photo in question it’s easy to understand the confusion. Captured in 1930s era New York City, a new image released on the New York City Library Schomburg Centre’s Tumblr features a resident that at first glance could very well be the Jigga man himself. The caption attached to the image reads “Does the man on the right remind you of someone? Perhaps it was his great-grandfather taking a break in Harlem in 1939. The photographer, we know for sure, was Sid Grossman. If you can put a (real) name on the young man, let us know.” You can view the photo in question below.

Obviously we do not believe Jay-Z to be a covert agent traveling through time who randomly decided living as a hip hop phenomenon in the 1990s-now was the best destination, but it’s a slow Thursday and it’s an astonishing likeness. We’ll have more real news soon.

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One Response to “HOLY SH!T: Jay-Z Is An Illuminati Time Traveler?”

  1. Brian Lion says:

    Dude’s just big pimpin in the NYC. It’s that jigga man. Pimp C, in the 1930s.