Misery Signals Preview New Track “Reborn (An Execution)”

Recently, Misery Signals, the Wisconsin based five-piece who has spearheaded the metalcore genre since their inception in 2002, graced eager fans with a preview track off their upcoming album, Absent Light, due out July 23, 2013 via New Damage Records.

As the first piece of new material the band has made public since 2008’s ground-breaking album Controller, “Reborn (An Execution)” exceeds all expectations. Soaring riffs, which are equally intricate and heavy, dance cinematically over Karl Schubach’s consistently spine-cracking growl, while the airtight, almost motorized drumming of Branden Morgan drives the track forward with the force of a guided missile.

Complete with the stop-and-go technicality of Controller, the vivid splendor of Mirrors, and the relentless aggression of Of Malice and The Magnum Heart, this preview serves as an evident reminder as to why Misery Signals has become synonymous with a genre, and reassures listeners that the long wait for new material has been worth it. You can check it out for yourself below.

Kyle Florence
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