Tides of Man Release New Song, “Young and Courageous”; Announce New Album

Long have we waited for the Tides of Man to once more wash upon us. Alas, they have returned, bringing with them the joyous sounds of ambient guitar.

With a new album now in its final stages of completion, the Floridian act of four has returned without their former vocalist, Tilian Pearson. As of yet, no new vocalist has been announced.

With an announcement this evening, the band relaunched their website promising a new song to those who provided them their email address. The song is called “Young and Courageous” and is purely instrumental.

You can read a note from the band and listen to the song below. Download it for free, here.

We hope you enjoy the new track “Young and Courageous”. Be sure to tell your friends to sign up too so they can have the track!

We’re going to have some very exciting news for you soon, so make sure you open all of our emails (don’t worry, we don’t write a lot of them)!

Until then, we just wanted to take this time to thank you for supporting us. We couldn’t do it without you, and we appreciate everything you do.

Josh, Alan, Dan, and Spencer

Jacob Tender
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  1. Sounds fantastic.