Doom, Earl Sweatshirt, and Thundercat Featured on Captain Murphy’s “Between Villains”

Captain Murphy, the rap alter-ego of Flying Lotus, has collaborated with Earl Sweatshirt, Thundercat, and Doom (under the name of Viktor Vaughn) on his new single, “Between Villains.” The song takes a slow beat and lets each rapper showcase their skills at a steady pace. If you want to drive around with windows down at nighttime through Gotham City with this blasting, you’re not alone. I feel like it’d work perfectly.

“Between Villains” is a part of the Adult Swim Singles Series. Each summer they put out a laundry list of tracks by great artists-to-watch (or artists you’ve already been watching). We’re quite fond of Dan Deacon‘s contribution “Why Am I On This Cloud?” from this year, although the whole list is great so far.

Give “Between Villains” a listen below:

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