REVIEW + INTERVIEW: Thirtyseven – ‘This Is What I Want’

Artist: Thirtyseven
Album: This Is What I Want
Genre: Pop-punk
Label: Blood & Ink Records

Pop-punk crusaders Thirtyseven have released their long-awaited debut full-length, This Is What I Want, and it appears this high-energy and diverse dose of poppy hooks and fist-pumping gang vocals were well worth the wait. The Texas-based trio successfully mirror fantastic pop-punk and punk rock on This Is What I Want, from “Calling Out,” a track worth of Sum 41‘s Does This Look Infected? to MXPX influenced closing number “Moving On.”

Yes, Thirtyseven shows a fair amount of diversity for a pop-punk band on This Is What I Want. The band does an admirable job of setting themselves apart from other pop-punk acts with tracks such as “Best Of Me.” This number stands out as a simplistic, yet beautifully honest testimonial from duel vocalists Moses Campos and Dylan Russell. Hard to imagine the aggressive, raspy nature of pop-punk music to be described as beautiful, but it comes to show how well these guys have explored the various crevices of this genre.

Other tracks, such as “I Hate My Job Way Too Much Not To Do That,” show pop-punk as it is expected to be played. It is loud, aggressive and can make any crew-neck sweater wearin’ ready to jump into the dancin’ pit. This record has a little bit for everybody.

Rating: 8/10

Moses (guitar/vocals) of Thirtyseven was kind enough to answer a few of our questions regarding the new record and the long process it took to be released. See our exclusive interview with him below: 

This record has been a long process in the making, how does it feel to finally have it out? 

The time it took to finish only made this record release more satisfying. We were all ready for some time to have this record in the hands of the people at our shows so now that it will be they know even more how much it means to us that they buy and listen to this record.

I feel as though fans hear a lot of different sides of Thirtyseven when listening to this record, was that the initial intention? 

The only intention we had was to create pop punk that had some sort of a throw back to bands we looked up to. Not to say it does sound like that but we did want to write a style of pop punk that we used to hear. So with that, I’m sure some of the different sides of our influences come out in different songs causing the record to have a diverse track selection.

You guys have always claimed to be a band of religious influence, what type of role did that play in the lyrical influence? 

I would say that it played as much of a role that it does in our lives everyday. The label of us being a christian band is something we have chosen because of our lifestyles and out look on playing in this band. So writing this record represents that and comes out clearly in a few songs.

“Best Of Me” stands out, all around. Where did this track come from? 

We sat down looking to write a few more songs for the record before pre production and the idea came out to write a song that has a heavy pop side for the record. I would say that is the most pop song on the record and we are proud of how it came out. The song has catchy lyrics that talk about not letting the stress of life get the best of you.  I look forward to playing it live.

 What are plans now that the record has finally been released? 

To get every person possible to hear this record and buy it for themselves and friends! We are focused on this record and want to see it have a long and healthy life.

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  1. XBlueCollarHardcoreX says:

    So stoked you covered these guys. I feel like I am back in high school listening to Mutiny by Set Your Goals when I listen to this album.