A Day To Remember Launch ‘Common Courtesy’ Preorders, Warn Album May Be Delayed

The tale of A Day To Remember’s journey to becoming independent once more continues this afternoon as the band has just launched preorders for their highly-anticipated new album, Common Courtesy, in spite of not yet receiving clearance to release the album on its scheduled release date.

Last week, our friends at PropertyOfZack ran a story based off a comment from an AbsolutePunk story that claimed A Day To Remember would not know whether or not they could release their long awaited album Common Courtesy until October 2. Still, the band has continued to push ahead with promotional plans, and today the digital album preorders were officially launched. The band did note, however, that “all dates are estimated and subject to change” for the album. You can view the artwork below:

If A Day To Remember are able to break free of Victory and push ahead with this October 8 release we could soon see a new wave of bigger names taking control back into their own hands. Aside from partnerships for various physical releases, there really is no reason for a band the size of A Day To Remember to remain with a label, and there are at least five groups with similarly sized fan-bases I could see following in their footsteps if this move pays off. We’ll continue to follow the story and bring you updates as they arise. Until then, comment below and let us know if you plan on picking up Common Courtesy whenever it arrives in stores.

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6 Responses to “A Day To Remember Launch ‘Common Courtesy’ Preorders, Warn Album May Be Delayed”

  1. Aron says:

    Im so tired of waiting on it im almost not excited anymore. I love the band, but geeze. Hopefully they get everything worked out.

  2. Kriston McConnell says:

    Totally agree. I almost think it should accidentally get “leaked” just so fans can have it! I’ll still buy a copy anyway.

  3. Aron says:

    No joke right? Ive listened to them since 07, but i cant wait on this label shit forever.
    I say that, but i know im gonna get it, get drunk with my friends and freak out about how awesome it is. Until that time comes though i have Soulfly.

  4. Brennan Fredricks says:

    ok first off you guys are gay getting uoset cause its not release seriously this band is going through some shit to get it for us did it ever cross your mind that idk they are spending theyre own money to get this record recorded they are spending theyre own money for this tour knowing this lawsuit could end them so idk I respect that they are doing this obviously showing that they care about the music and theyre fans more than just the money if your a true fan then you would sit there wait and respect that fact instead of bitch and complain about shit cause your not happy so chill the fuck out and move on with your life and stop being negative

  5. Jim Barnett says:

    best run on sentence in the history of human beings

  6. Brandon williams says:

    we have been waiting, for days on end for news on this album. now here we are 1 day before its scheduled to release and not a drop of news, no leak nothing. victory are dicks stop kissing their asses