We The Kings Fund New Album In Less Than 24 Hours, Surpass Original Goal By Over $15,000 (and counting)

Florida pop rock favorites We The Kings took a chance yesterday afternoon by stepping out on their own with a crowdfunding effort through Indiegogo. The goal of the campaign was to raise $35,000 so that the group could record their fourth studio album, and this morning we have an update on the fundraising that may shock you.

In less than 19 hours, We The Kings have raised $50,000 toward the creation of their upcoming, as-of-yet untitled new album. The group has almost an entire month of fundraising still to go, so at this point there is no telling how much money the band will raise before time runs out. If you’re interested in contributing to their future effort, click here to view the official campaign page.

2013 has been littered with bands raising huge sums of money through crowdfunding efforts, but it never ceases to amaze us when someone (or some group) blow their original goal out of the water to the extent WTK have with this effort. Does their quick success surprise you? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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