Bad Religion Rejoice, Cry Out “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”

Bad Religion have paid their dues several times over, with that “several” standing in for however many punk bands have formed since Bad Religion first burst into being. They release an album, usually ranging from “pretty good” to “great,” every two to three years. They tour regularly. Bad Religion can do whatever they damn well please at this point.

That includes recording an album of Christmas covers – including religious ones – when their name is Bad Religion. One of those covers was released today: “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.” It’s a straightforward punk cover of the hymn/carol of the same name. It’s fantastic.

That also includes releasing said Christmas covers album – entitled Christmas Songs and being released by Epitaph – on the Tuesday before Halloween (October 29). Again, Bad Religion can do whatever they want, and it will qualify as “awesome.” I hope they record and release a Bangerz cover album next.

Tyler Hanan
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