Crown The Empire’s ‘Limitless’ EP Has Been Completely Re-Recorded

When we first wrote about Crown The Empire‘s deluxe reissue of The Fallout and Limitless EP, we weren’t sure what kind of changes the band made to the EP. Their current screamer wasn’t in the band when they released Limitless, however they confirmed he had been added to the EP as a part of the reissue. Apparently a lot of people were wondering what exactly they had done with the songs and we’re happy to report some good news for fans.

Crown The Empire have confirmed that they completely re-recorded the entire EP to include their screamer, David Escamilla. Not only that, but the group stated the songs are played in a different tuning this time around. You can read the confirmation the band made by taking a look below.

Let us explain what this deluxe Reissue of The Fallout is…

Back in 2011, we released our debut EP Limitless. Andy did ALL of the vocals on that album (singing and screaming) when he was 16 years old. Dave (our screamer now) was not on the original Limitless. He didn’t join the band till the summer of 2012. On this reissue of The Fallout, we’re including the original Fallout album and a re-recorded version of the EP Limitless. By re-recorded, we mean EVERYTHING was redone. Guitars, drums, production, vocals, etc. Andy and Dave are BOTH on it, and the EP is in a completely different tuning.

Can’t wait to hear what you guys think!!! Pre-order the deluxe Reissue of The Fallout HERE:

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