Villains Need A Vocalist For Their Upcoming Tour, And Want You To Help

Villains are a metal outfit hailing from Oswego, Illinois. The band has a large number of tour dates coming up later this month alongside Gift Giver, Every Hand Revealed and more. This is supposed to be the band’s first tour together, but had to unfortunately announce earlier that their vocalist has decided to part ways with the band. They said they knew this was something that could happen, but did not indicate why he is leaving the band.

It’s not all bad news though, and the following may get concert goers that much more excited to see them live this month. Instead of canceling the tour, the group wants to have their fans help perform with them at each of their upcoming tour dates. For the chance to do this, you only need to send them an audition video with the date, city and venue you want to sing with them at. They plan on having a different person helping them out each night of the tour. You can read all of the details by taking a look below the jump. Send in your auditions through their Facebook page.

With heavy hearts we come to you all with the announcement that our vocalist Ben Keller, who is featured on 10 Code, is no longer in Villains and will be unable to join us for any of the “Good Guys, Bad Friends Tour” that we leave for next week.

This may come as a surprise to everyone but it has been a potential scenario we’ve been faced with for a while now and as much as we all hate to see Ben go we have set in place what we believe to be the best Villains lineup to date for 2014 and beyond. We will be releasing a brand new single with music video early next year to show you all what we’re talking about.

With that being said we still all thought, Ben included, that Ben was going to be able to do the tour up until a couple days ago as what would of been his farewell. It’s our first tour ever and we really wanted him to be able to share those memories with all of us and unfortunately because we all thought he would be able to do the tour the new lineup isn’t available to show you all yet.

The last thing we would ever want to do is cancel a tour, especially our first one ever, even due to a member change or lack of a vocalist so we’ve decided to NOT cancel.

Yep that’s right, not even having a vocalist is going to stop us from seeing you all for the first time ever. Instead of canceling we’re going to take this opportunity to build an even deeper connection with you guys than ever before. We want Villains’ fans in each city we’re playing to be the vocalist for Villains in their town for a day.

Yes you read that right. We want to give you all the opportunity to get on stage with us and share the moments of our first tour ever with us and become the vocalist for Villains, even for just one night.

We want everyone to make a vocal cover video of any Villains song you want and post them on our wall or get them to us anyway you can that shows off your vocal skills AND that promotes the date, city and venue you want to be our vocalist for. From these videos we’ll select and announce our special guest vocalist for each show but don’t worry even if you can’t make a video or aren’t chosen that doesn’t mean we still don’t want you there, up close, screaming back in our faces and helping create our first tour memories ever with us. Make your videos quick though and send them over, we leave in only 9 days.

We know this scenario isn’t ideal but we knew there was no better person to give you all the show you’d like to see than yourselves.

Thank you for your endless support,

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3 Responses to “Villains Need A Vocalist For Their Upcoming Tour, And Want You To Help”

  1. Brian Lion says:

    I’m not familiar with the band but this is a great idea. It’s a great way to make light of a shitty situation and to include the people that support them, which could make for some very memorable experiences for select fans that want to get involved. BACKED.

  2. Derek - UTG Review says:

    What are the chances this will be successful? What if Louisville, KY doesn’t work out? Maybe an opening band takes the mic? Maybe they’re hoping they’ll find an awesome vocalist in one of these states they otherwise wouldn’t have come across.

  3. Kriston McConnell says:

    I think it’s a good idea as well. They might be a lesser known band, but I bet they will make it work. In Fear And Faith did something similar when they were on tour a few years ago. Grant it, they are more popular and probably easily had fans in every city they hit. I also saw a local to Seattle band play with no vocalist at all and they still killed it.