Fireworks Post “Oh, Common Life” Teaser Video

Fireworks have had a quiet year since their spring tour with The Wonder Years, so fans were understandably excited when the Michigan band’s website was updated last month with a cryptic image of a boy transforming into a wolf. Today, the band moved one step closer to what is shaping up to be the announcement of a new album with a teaser video titled “Oh, Common Life,” which you can watch after the break.

The video, posted under the username Michigan Department of Tourism, consists of archival-style footage of scenic lake views interspersed with some weird, horror movie-esque imagery. Most importantly, however, it is set to a clip of a new song, the band’s first since the release of Gospel in the spring of 2011. While the portion of the track in the video contains only a sparse guitar line and frontman Dave Mackinder’s instantly recognizable vocals, that should be more than enough to make any Fireworks fan sufficiently excited and hungry for more.

Fireworks have yet to reveal any concrete information about the follow-up to Gospel, but we’ll be sure to let you know the moment they do.

Oh, Common Life from Michigan Department of Tourism on Vimeo.

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