SPIRIT VISION PRESENTS: So Much Light – “When Time Topples The Obelisk”

Spirit Vision Studios

Welcome back to Spirit Vision Presents. After a short time off while their band toured the crap out of America, Ben Rosett and Ian Jennings of Spirit Vision Studios and the Tragic Hero band Strawberry Girls have returned to bring you some more music to appreciate by musicians you may or may not have heard.

The team will continue to do this through the capture of intimate performances by musicians in-studio, coupled with some interview questions to get everyone better acquainted.

In this installment we’re featuring So Much LightThe Speed of Sound In Seawater vocalists’ Damien Verrett’s solo effort. In Varrett’s music, you’ll find a great blend of acoustic folk music and math rock.

Watch So Much Light perform “When Time Topples The Obelisk” in the video below and follow him on Facebook and Tumblr. Music can be found on Bandcamp.

Find Spirit Vision Studios on Facebook, be sure to check out Strawberry Girls’ Tragic Hero Records debut, and watch more Spirit Vision Presents sessions here!

Jacob Tender
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