Rare Dance Gavin Dance Practice Recording Surfaces

Before the time of smartphones, Garage Band, and other modern recording tools, there was a thing called a tape recorder. A tape recorder used something called “tape” to capture sound.

Ex-Dance Gavin Dance guitarist Zachary Garren used such a device when practicing with the band in 2008. Today he has shared the audio from one of their “Deathstar” writing sessions.

On Reddit, he posted the following description.

its 3 songs from when we were writing the deathstar album, instrumental and recorded onto a tape player (we had no iphones or macbooks back then). the first thing was sorta like an ending to “reprogramming” that we cut cause it didnt flow. melody was cool though, i think it ended up as a lead over the chorus at the very end actually. then there is us trying to play a version of “reprogramming” complete with mess ups. then i believe its “zoloft” then finally whatever that song that goes like “no no no no no no” thats the last one. its late and i forget and its funnier to call it that. there is a 4th song but the tape messed up so it sounds like a cyber-bug war…

The audio can be listened to or downloaded below.

Zach is now the guitarist and occasional vocalist for his band Strawberry Girls. Follow him on Twitter.

Jacob Tender
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