We’re Not On Drugs, We Just Love Tove Lo

There is no stopping the rise of Tove Lo. This is your last chance to hop on the bandwagon before the scales tip and she’s featured in every pop outlet in print, on screen, and otherwise currently in existence. She’s ushering in a new age of downtempo electronic pop, and her latest single only further solidifies our faith in her power to change the top 40 landscape.

Nothing is quite like falling in love. Your brain spins with thoughts of everything that could flourish, your heat beats hard enough to thump out of your chest, and the world around you becomes a bit less miserable because you have finally found someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to see you smile. It’s a feeling powerful enough to make even the most rational people throw all cares to the wind and embrace the unknown possibilities of split-second decisions in pursuit of a few more moments with that someone who has their heart.

The point we are trying to make is that love makes us crazy. So much so that sometimes it may seem like we are high off something more than pheromones, but in fact we are simply throwing caution to the wind and putting our faith in the intangible connection shared by two souls. That’s scary stuff when you think about, but Tove Lo does not give a damn. She feels so strongly for her lover that even everyday colors seem a bit brighter. She’s up with the kites. Queen of the clouds, in fact, but on her latest single she swears she is “Not On Drugs.” You can stream the song below.

The early moments of “Not On Drugs” give you the impression something very upbeat could be building, but when the chorus hits you are overcome with a thick wave of synth that slows things to a gorgeously produced crawl that you never want to end. Much like the chorus to Miley Cyrus’ 2013 smash “Wrecking Ball,” it’s an unabashed moment of raw emotion that tugs at your heart strings again. Tove Lo is not hurt however, she’s happy. She’s so happy she seems delirious to everyday people. When you hear her describe what that feels like you want it too, and that’s a rare treat in the world of emotions shared from Tove Lo. She’s usually the heartbroken, lonely stoner type (which we adore), but here she bares all in the name of romance. It’s flat out awesome.

“Not On Drugs” is one of many great tracks that will appear on Tove Lo’s Truth Serum EP, which is due out March 3. An ultra limited edition ‘pink Cadillac’ 10″ vinyl of Truth Serum is being released in the US on March 10 via Neon Gold. Pre-orders are available now and going fast.

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